The Elevator Constructors Journal – January 2014

Greetings from the Steel & Rubber Cities:

Happy New Year to all, and to all of the Brothers & Sisters laid off I hope this is a stellar year and everyone gets back to work. I hope & pray all companies will finally realize it is impossible to safely service their contract customers without more labor!   

   The picture is of Wilson C. Bullach a long time employee of Otis and was100 years old on 12/26/2013. His Son Tom is an employee of Otis.               

   Where they are working:

   Greg Larson & Dan Wiltsee are installing some Hydro’s for T/K. Al Lough & Joe Klemp are installing some MRL’s for Otis.  Joe Gault & Dan Nicholas are at Main Place for Otis. Frank Patterson & Dave Austin are doing a five car Mod for Otis at Barberton Hospital. Andy Mesko, Jeff Snyder, Bob Dedo & Tom Lee are at Summa for Otis. Dave Craver & Frank Sano are doing a Three Car Mod the Phar Mor Bldg. for Schindler. Finally, Frank Sano & John Mesko are at Akron General doing a Mod for Schindler.

Remember to call the hall when changing jobs.  330-753-3953.

Work Safely, Brothers & Sisters,

Dave Morrow